High School Baseball League presents the Inaugural Fall 2018 Season this coming October 21, 2018! High School Baseball League is an 18 and Under youth baseball league, catering to 14 – 18 year old players looking for extra baseball year round. To provide maximum opportunity, the League features both VARSITY and JUNIOR VARSITY Divisions. Operating under the “Keep It Simple” principle, the League offers one game per week in the South Florida area and all games are played on weekends to make it easy for players to participate. Games are 7-innings in length with no time limit and all games are played on Saturdays or Sundays, depending on the schedule. The inaugural Fall 2018 Season consists of a 10 game schedule for each division with a single game championship, with the League starting in mid-September and ending right after Thanksgiving. The Fall 2018 Season VARSITY DIVISION will launch with four teams, with two of the teams being League-managed teams; the Miami A’s and the Lauderdale Reds, although more teams are expected to be joining the League. The JUNIOR VARSITY DIVISION will also launch with four teams; again, with two of the teams being League-managed teams; the Davie Angels and the Miami Dodgers. Each team will carry a minimum roster of 13 players and all players are guaranteed relatively equal playing time. This is a pay-to-play league and there are NO TRYOUTS. Registered players are assigned to teams based on age, positions played and city of residence. The League keeps buddies on the same team. New teams are always welcome! Special HSBL rules include a mandatory minimum 10-man batting lineup, where teams must bat 10 or more batters. Teams may expand the batting lineup during the game but may not shrink the lineup once expanded. Also, the League fosters free defensive substitution and has a pitcher re-entry rule. Finally, the League uses aluminum bats (although wood bats are permitted) and employs exciting tie-breakers to prevent tie games. High School Baseball League also features HSBL Player Profile pages on the website. The HSBL Player Profile include photos, videos, BIOs and stats, as well as other profile-worthy information. The HSBL Player Profile can be used as a marketing tool in a player’s pursuit of a baseball career. HSBL aspires to become the premier showcase for college and independent league programs in South Florida.

HSBL operates three regular seasons per year, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Consequently, the HSBL provides year-round baseball in the fabulous Florida sunshine that we call BASEBALL HEAVEN!

The TEAM REGISTRATION FEE is a minimum $2,600 per season, based on a minimum player roster of 13 players. Thereafter, the fee is $200 per additional player. New teams joining the league that are already in uniform receive a $300 discount.

The PLAYER REGISTRATION FEE is $200 per season.  After officially registering online, new players are assigned to the HSBL Player Pool and then reassigned to league teams based on team needs, player age, position(s) and city of residence. Fees cover all expenses related to playing baseball, including a cap and team numbered logo t-shirt. However, players are responsible for their own solid white baseball pants, socks, spikes and glove. Fees include:

•    Field rentals

•    Umpire services

•    Scorekeepers

•    Baseballs

•    Liability insurance

•    Uniforms & Equipment

•    Trophies and Medals

•    Advertising, Marketing & Promotion

•    Website •    Social Media

•    Administration

Interested players can register online at HSBL PLAYER REGISTRATION.

New teams can register online at HSBL TEAM REGISTRATION.

call 305.496.2962 for more information.