The High School Baseball League operates under rules and regulations of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).


However, HSBL has adopted a few special rules to include the following:

•    A mandatory minimum 10-man batting lineup, where teams must bat 10 or more batters. Teams may expand the batting lineup during the game but may not shrink the lineup once expanded. Teams forced to shrink the batting lineup will suffer an out the first time that slot comes up in the order, thereafter, the slot is skipped over

•   The League fosters free defensive substitution, where the offensive lineup is de-linked from the defensive line-up and players may rotate defensive positions without reporting to anyone

•    Pitcher re-entry rule (pitchers are permitted to re-enter the game one time only after three outs have elapsed)

•    The League uses aluminum bats (although wood bats are permitted)

•    Tie-breakers to prevent tie games. Tied games after 7 complete innings will feature extra innings, which requires each team to start their half of the inning with bases loaded and two outs.